This is a product listing for a Non Profit Vendor Booth to Jacksonville’s Premier Gaming Exposition, True Gamerz Expo.

Tables: 1
Chairs: 2
Vending to Target Market: 2 days
Electricity: Yes!
5013c: Required



This is a product listing for Non Profit Vendor Booth Tickets.

Video Game Conference Non Profit Vendor Booth

True Gamerz Expo at its very core is about building community. While our community is interested in video game fellowship, video game attitudes, and video game goals, True gamers expo knows there is a bigger picture.

Video game community is built on competition which only breeds friendship and camaraderie. True Gamerz Expo is a fantastic place to meet young and active video gamers who want to make the world a better place.Video gamers are inherently able to see in a world, past this world.

Like all youths, they want to make a world a better place, probably just like you.

With a True Gamers Expo vendor booth you’ll be able to be the evangelist you are, with a congregation of like minded, forward thinking, socially aware People who are looking for a message just like yours.

Go forth and let your message be known. Our True Gamerz will go back to their online video game village and communicate to their video game villager, what a great time they had learning about all the new causes, products, in services they discovered on their True Gamerz weekend journey.


NON-PROFIT Vendor #1